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A koshirae should be presented with the tsuka ( hilt ) to the left, particularly in times of peace with the reason being that you cannot unsheathe the sword easily this way. During the Edo period, many formalized rules were put into place: in times of war the hilt should be presented to the right allowing the sword to be readily unsheathed.

mid-summer 2001 - pre-spring 2007

(* = TAPE/CDR/VINYL not availablè anymore by permanent death) (** = TAPE only tradeblè for good old noisecore/noisegrind, comes on high-fidelity-quality-tape without artwork)

-demotape 1 “extreme situatie lokt extreme reacties uit”*
-demotape 2 “neukende neushoorns”*
-demotape 3 “tetrahydrocannabinol, somewhere in april”*
-splittape with viandox 2000 “HATE PARADE”*
-tape “BANISTER TORTURE” (melophobia .-label from america)**
-4-way . splittape “GODS GUTS” with jan AG/worm/caveman**
-4-way livetape “luxembourg BUGGER OFF live-tape” with hybrid viscery/fetuxion/organ harvest**
-splittape with deche-charge
-splittape with bestial vomit**
-.-demo 1+3 united**
-splittape with slaughtergrave**
-splittape with mucus**
-blè-pré-érèctions-productions bootlegtape with negligent collateral collapse/xysma**
-splittape with takashi ohkawa (. with ., smell the stench .-label from australia)**
-splittape with sauerkraut (kremlin pickle .-label from bulgaria)**
-splittape with vulgar nausea (human circus .-label from france)**
-splitnoiselivetapebenefit with genne mu-ziek/fahrenheit agx**
-splittape II with bestial vomit “SOMETIMES COMES BACK” (lo-fi-records .-label from italy)**
-splittape with equilibrium*
-splitlivetape with desecrator**
-blè-pré-érèctions-productions underground bootlegtape II with sanity’s dawn/extra hot sauce/a la patada/hell house/matéria**
-3-way live splittape “BOERENKOOL MET WORST” with lsd-mossel/de madeliefjes**
-splittape with gorgonized dorks “THE HAND OF DOOM” (bringer of gore .-label from belgium)
-splittape with punishment
-splittape with anal massaker (underground pollution .-label from france)**
-splittape with melophobic hell (fuck music productions .-label from america)
-splittape with necrocannibalistic vomitorium (blè-pré-érèctions-productions .-label)
-splittape with napalm noise
-splittape with existência frustrada (no lyrics .-label from brazil)

-PDDVD!!! (blè-pré-érèctions-productions anti-label from belgium)

-ALL SHIRTS ARE GONE, forever! except for four fake fur pieces (only at gigs!!!)

-splitvinyl 7" ep with AGATHOCLES (., limited to 319 copies)*
-splitvinyl 7" ep with DECHE-CHARGE (mortville records from america. limited to 320 copies, 9 different colors)*

-demo promo cd-r “veel liekes”*
-splitcd-r with ruido genital (atomo productions .-label from chile)*
-“wake up the dead” 3-way-live-splitcd-r with fetuxion/BOILING REMAINS (.)*
-3-way-splitcd-r with jan AG/ManGenerated ( .-label from belgium)*
-splitcd-r “35 excrements” with biological terror (.)*
-splitcd-r II “victims of the system” with biological terror (.)*
-3-way-splitcd-r with human jerky/sick sad world (shredcore .-label from canada)*
-splitcd-r with gothic sucks (.)*
-splitcd-r with takashi ohkawa (. with ., don’t panic .-label from poland)*
-splitcd-r with headcrash (.)*
-splitcd-r with brainwash (.)*
-splitcd-r with spike pile driver (asberg 8 records .-label from schotland)*
-splitcd-r versus LSD-mossel (.)*
-compilation cd-r “nihil noise collapse collabs” (.)*
-split mini cd-r with anal mustard “drenched in noise” (.)*
-compilation cd “face your underground IV” () not availablè by .!*
-splitcd-r promo-bootleg with peacemaker (smell the stench .-label from australia)*
-splitcd-r II with gothic sucks (.)*
-compilation cd-r “elastic mayor mc cheese vomit synthesis” (fuck music productions .-label from america)
-4-way-splitcdr (pro-done!) with FATAL POSITION / KUSARI GAMA KILL / ARSETERRÖR
( .-label from gran canaria, spain) only availablè at *


-splittape with filthynoisyanthrope
-splitvinyl 12" lp with . (bougie wougie .-label from belgium)

Fatal Position / Kusari Gama Kill / Arseterrör / Permanent Death - 4 Way Split cdr #1Fatal Position / Kusari Gama Kill / Arseterrör / Permanent Death - 4 Way Split cdr #1Fatal Position / Kusari Gama Kill / Arseterrör / Permanent Death - 4 Way Split cdr #1